Crystal Magic & Valentine Love Spells



Love is in the air throughout the love month of February. This is a magical time to use crystals to enhance the romance in your life. Whether you want to reignite romantic passion, in an intimate connection that you feel is waning, or would like to attract love into your life, there is a positive crystal magic spell that is perfect for you to use.

Attraction spells are often cast by white witches. They use a variety of techniques, tools and ingredients, along with an invocation to summon what your heart desires. Crystals are renowned for there special properties and have immense power in creating magical energy. They are often used for physical and emotional healing.

If you want to bring love into your life use this crystal magic spell to attract a Valentine companion. The spell works by making you more lovable.

You will need:

A mirror

A pink candle

A rose quartz crystal

An amethyst crystal

10mls of cold pressed olive oil

3 drops each of Rose, Jasmine, Ylang ylang and Patchouli essential oil

Spell Casting

Combine the essential oils with the cold pressed carrier olive oil in a small bottle. Apply some of the Love oil blend to your temples. Place the crystals and candle in front of the mirror. Light the candle and say the following:

“I invoke the love Goddess Aphrodite to imbue me with her love, to allow the Goddess within me to blossom and radiate out to all that see me. I am love, I am love, I am love.”

Repeat the chant three times whilst focusing on the candle. Pick up the rose quartz and amethyst crystals and hold them in your hands, as you repeat the following:

“I am love.”

Positive Results

You will begin to feel the energy of love surround you, as you repeat the words over and over. Allow the candle to burn low before you snuff the flame out. Before going to sleep place the crystals beside your bed. Apply the love oil to your temples and wrists on a daily basis, until the blend has run out.

This crystal magic love spell will make you feel more confident and radiant. This will attract the attention of your lover, if you have one and want to increase the passion in your relationship. If you are single, your radiant glow will attract the attention of admirers and potential love suitors.

A psychic or spiritual love reading can also help you identify a potential love match. Call one of our experienced readers today to find out more.

Magical Crystals

Crystals possess their own unique vibration and magical healing properties, so it is important to choose the crystals most suited to your need.

Amber – this protection crystal is great to use in spells, to attract a lover or to enhance your radiant beauty.

Amethyst – encourages peace, harmony and love and is also good for protection.

Beryl – to enhance and cement the love in a relationship, this is the ideal crystal to use.

Carnelian – is a potent crystal that is often used by white witches when casting spells that increase sexual desire.

Rose quartz – this crystal symbolises love and is beneficial for healing a broken heart.


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