Spring Cleaning To Welcome In Abundance

Spring is nature’s way of propelling us into action. The vernal equinox is the perfect opportunity to spring clean your home, relationships and attitude. Making a few positive adjustments can create a massive impact on your life. Replacing stale and stagnant energy with positive, high vibration energy also opens up the doors of manifestation.

Get ready to welcome in spring abundance!


Make Way For New Ideas

Adopting a positive attitude and outlook means that you become open to new ideas and experiences. To make way for new possibilities and opportunities to enter your life you must first remove the old, outdated possessions and negative thinking.

Start by spring cleaning your home and include a few adjustments to your personal style by changing your hairstyle, make-up or clothes. Donate items you no longer need or want to a charity shop in order to make space for new.
Be open to possibilities by changing your routine. Try a different coffee shop, visit a new bar or restaurant and start seeing the outside world through fresh eyes. Making a few simple tweaks to your regular routine can instantly transform your experience and enjoyment of life.


Clean Your Energy
To make way for new, positive experiences it is important to prepare your self. To remove all traces of stagnant and stale energy, and negative energy belonging to toxic people, you must clear your aura and chakras. This spiritual cleansing routine removes negative lower energy levels and opens up the pathway for physical manifestation. A spiritual or psychic tarot reading can help you identify stagnant energy blocks so that you can remove them and move forward with ease.
To cleanse and heal the chakras:
• Start with a grounding meditation
• Open the chakras by visualising each one as a closed flower bud
• Assign a colour to each chakra – red – root, orange – sacral, yellow – solar plexus, green – heart, blue – throat, indigo – third eye, purple – crown
• Imagine a stream of shimmering white light energy running through each of the chakras as it cleans and energises
• In your own time turn off the energy flow and close the chakras

Prepare For Abundance
Minimise money worries by eliminating the fight or flight response that keeps you in the negative ‘not enough’ frame of thinking. Use two fingers to tap on the meridian line that is positioned over and behind the left ear whenever you begin to experience negative self talk chatter. As you tap speak the words: ‘I am no longer in lack’. Repeat the process until the chatter disappears. Tap over the right ear meridian line, this time saying: ‘I am open to abundance and affluence”. Repeat a few times.
Open up the solar plexus charka, which lies just below the ribcage. Visualise the charkra as a yellow flower bud and use your hands to glide over the chakra to open up the flower to the sun. The solar plexus chakra is responsible for holding onto our feelings of self-worth so this simple technique physically opens you up to receive manifestation.


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