Do women make better psychics than men?

CoffeeThe phrase ‘women’s intuition’ is frequently heard, but never ‘men’s intuition’. You will see a horoscope page in almost every women’s magazine, but no such thing in men’s magazines. Does all this suggest that women are more psychically able than men?

Not necessarily is the answer, but a lot of it is to do with stereotypes and upbringing. Like any muscle in the body, psychic ability must be nurtured, and gender stereotyping means that, in general, men are encouraged to do so less than women.

Men are traditionally taught to be analytical and logical, and when faced with a problem they tend to spot the problem and then offer a solution to it. Women, on the other hand, are encouraged to enhance their intuitive abilities, and are often able to sense the mood of a person without even exchanging a word with them.

There are skilled psychics who are male out there, however when they give a love psychic reading it is seen as more strange than to receive the same from a woman. By challenging these gender stereotypes, perhaps men will find more encouragement to nurture their psychic abilities into a tool to help others.

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