Are people turning to tarot in the recession?

moneyA press release by PRLOG has suggested that more tarot readings than ever have been recorded since the UK entered its economic crisis, but in a time of financial difficulty, why is this so?

Employing the skills of a psychic often comes at a price and a free tarot reading is normally hard to find. So why are people paying out for them at a time when money is tight?

It seems that the subconscious of the nation as a whole is feeling troubled and this is exactly where the tarot comes in. A tarot deck is split into the Major and Minor Arcanas, and the Major Arcana represents the grand themes that have an influence over all of our lives. The general feeling of the nation is that we distrust the banks, and these negative energies are reflected in the Major Arcana.

The Minor Arcana then draws upon our more personal circumstances and energies, and in a large scale crisis that affects the lives of individuals, many are seeking advice for their personal circumstances from tarot.

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