Don’t be Sheepish – Celebrate the Chinese Year of the Sheep.

If you are born under the Chinese zodiac sign of the Sheep (also referred to as Goat or Ram) you have a calm and dependable nature.#

Sheep are well mannered, sincere, intelligent and creative and like to spend time carefully analysing things before coming up with thoughtful ideas.

Sheep often hide their natural charm and are happy to follow others instead of leading the pack. They also prefer to take a backseat in relationships.


If you were born in 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003 check your zodiac sign to see what the year of the Sheep has in store for you…

Capricorn Sheep –  are inspired and encouraged to step out of the shadows. Instead of going it alone team up with others and start a new project. Your considered ideas will impress those around you.

Aquarius Sheep – are highly artistic and love to get immersed in creative endeavours. Resist starting something new without careful planning, as other people may not understand your original way of thinking.

Pisces Sheep – are super-imaginative with the capability to transform their own reality whenever they want to. Although eager to please others you are encouraged to follow long-held dreams and passions this year.

Aries Sheep – are independent and optimism. Your natural confidence enables you to take charge of situations and to build a balanced life that is full of opportunities and possibilities. Trust in your self.

Taurus Sheep – are charming and elegant but also shy and a little insecure. Follow your heart and passions so that you create positive changes that are meaningful to you.

Gemini Sheep – like to observe what’s going on around them before making any choices and decisions. This indecisiveness can highlight insecurity so try to stay focused on expressing your creativity and ideas clearly and directly.

Cancer Sheep –  are highly dependable and nurturing, but also like to spend time alone soul searching. As a hard worker you must learn to trust your own judgment and listen to your heart to avoid giving in to the whims of others too often.

Leo Sheep –  have a lucky streak and tend to be confident and self-assured. Your dreamy mentality makes you highly creative, but to get projects off the ground you need to minimise all that lazy thinking.

Virgo Sheep –  are analytical nurturers who like to explore every law of the universe before committing to an idea. Artistic, intelligent and charming you are insecure and are therefore encouraged to get your bearings before following through on any opportunity.

Libra Sheep – are poised and elegant and like to surround themselves with beautiful, meaningful things. Putting your self first is essential as it is now time to enjoy life’s bounty instead of admiring it from afar.

Scorpio Sheep –  are charming and well balanced. They like to get lost in their thoughts and dreams and sometimes contradict their own thinking. Stay focused on your plans to remain on course and achieve those possibilities.

Sagittarius Sheep –  are peaceful and intelligent and have a creative approach to life. You enjoy putting your energy and effort into interesting and rewarding projects but must make more time to enjoy the real world and everything it has to offer.

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