Is your Child Psychic?

Is your Child PsychicA child who can read their parents private thoughts, youngsters who talk to their deceased grandparents and others that can see their guardian angel, frightens some parents while it make others Intrigued or even proud! And why not, this isn’t Science Fiction this is Science Fact.


Do you have a Psychic Child?

If you think that your child may be psychic, it’s likely that you have noticed unusual behaviour from an early age. Children today are not like children from the older generations and although each child varies in their abilities, there are some common traits:

– They talk to themselves but leave gaps in the conversation as if for someone else to answer.
– They are often overly sensitive to others.
– They usually spend a lot of time outdoors and with animals.
– They have a fascination with crystals.
– They seem to know things that they have no previous knowledge of.

Attracting Spirits

If you have a Psychic child, s/he may well attract Spirit activity around them. Often psychic children have mediumistic abilities (can see and talk to spirits on the other side). Sometimes this can be a blessing, especially if your child brings loving messages from loved ones in spirit. Sometimes, however, it can be a real problem, especially if the spirits are unknown or unwanted.

These ghostly visitors know that the children can see them and usually just want to be noticed, some want the child to pass on messages to their deceased relatives (not likely when the children are particularly young).

Removing Spirits

Getting rid of unwanted spirits is usually straightforward. Often asking alone is enough, like a simple “please don’t visit the children when it’s time for them to go to sleep”, can work well. Cases that are more difficult can often be ‘cured’ by placing angel figurines in the room, especially if you ask the Archangle Michael (the warrior angel) to stand guard.


If your spirit visitors do not respond to either of these techniques, it might be time to call in the professionals. Above all remain calm and polite but firm… after all its your home!


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