The Emperor – The Aries Tarot Card


The Emperor is the fourth card in the Major Arcana tarot deck and is associated with the zodiac sign of Aries, the ram. This tarot card represents the power of individuality and doing things your way. The Emperor is the powerful man of authority, who is often considered to be the father figure of the tarot. The classic Rider Waite tarot card illustration traditionally depicts a distinguished bearded gentleman seated in a throne. The image suggests that this man has acquired years of experience, and that his wisdom is worth listening to.

Traditional Interpretation

The Emperor card traditionally symbolises solid foundation, structure and authority. In the reversed position the Emperor’s considerable experience and wisdom is viewed as excessive control, inflexibility and domination. If using this card for meditation practice, study the assertive image and absorb the positive high energy that is represented by the yellow barren mountains and vibrant orange background of the image.

The Aries tarot card teaches you that there are plentiful benefits to having structure in your life. The Emperor represents potential success and recognition, and an improvement in status. To become a dominant force like the Emperor you must be prepared to focus your attention on your goals, without revealing your personal doubt.

The Emperor In Your Tarot Spread

When the Emperor tarot card appears in your psychic reading spread it can mean that a powerful man in authority is about to cross your path, and that he will become your ally. This dominant force and influence has the power to transform your life. If you are currently facing difficult situations and choices, the Emperor suggests that you remain confident and focused on achieving your goals. When you master yourself you too can become an Emperor.

  • Career

If the Emperor shows up in your career zone your efforts will not go unnoticed. Pay attention to your organising abilities and follow through on promises. If you are looking to change roles, or aspects of your work, now is a good time to consider how others see you. Be logical in your thinking in order to identify why you are a good fit for a new position. The Emperor encourages concentration and sustained effort.

  • Love & Romance

You may find yourself attracted to someone older than you, when the Emperor is positioned in your love reading. This person is likely to be super organised and focused on his career, so the attraction may not be mutual at the start. However, patience and persistence, on your part, can grow the connection.

  • Health

Adopting a more disciplined approach to health matters is exactly what the Emperor tarot card suggests. Consider how you are treating, and looking after, your body and make concentrated steps towards improving any health issues.

  • Wealth

To make your finances work better for you it will be necessary to think like the Emperor. Use discipline and logic to your advantage. Focus on what you already have so that you can attract more.

  • Spirituality

The Emperor is the master of all that he surveys, and honours all aspects of his spiritual growth. Follow his lead by taking a balanced approach. Make time to focus on left-brain and right-brain activity, to create more harmony in your life.

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