Engage with your psychic self by dreaming

sleepingPeople look to mediums for insight into themselves, and they have the particular skills to do so and do it well. However, did you know that a great place to start is from your very own dreams?

We often find that people we have been thinking of or events that are coming up in the near future tend to feature in our dreams, and this is because our subconscious picks up on these things and communicates our deepest feelings about them to us.

Dreams are just the start of psychic potential, and it would be useful to note down the themes, people and images that keep cropping up. Some of these may be obvious, for instance if you have an important meeting coming up and are worried about it you may have dreams in which it goes badly, or goes well. Other themes may be less obvious, but the repetition of certain symbols or people can act as a signpost towards something that your psychic self is trying to communicate.

Dreams are just the beginning of a psychic journey, but for a more in-depth and thorough love psychic reading there is nothing better than asking an experienced medium to give you some guidance.

Image credit: RelaxingMusic (flickr.com)

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