Smell is a powerful but unreliable tool

Smell is a powerful but unreliable toolThe power of smells has been recognised for years; even the Ancient Egyptians and Greeks extracted essential oils from plants for healing purposes or for cosmetic use. Today, we still use smells in the form of aromatherapy for healing properties or as perfume to attract others.

Particular smells take us back to influential people and special memories, and remembering these memories can also trigger the feelings we had back then. Research has shown that our minds can actually give these memories the rose-tinted treatment.

The Smell and Taste Treatment & Research Foundation in theUSAconducted a research project whose findings suggested that our minds distort the images created by smells, resulting in feelings that can be more positive or negative than the actual event was.

Feelings can sometimes be a confusing mess to wade through, and boundaries between positive and negative emotions can blur. If you feel that you would like some deeper insight into how you’re truly feeling, why not take a free tarot reading for some expert guidance?


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