Exercising your psychic power

Exercising your psychic powerAlthough the psychics who provide psychic readings have all the skills required to carry out a reading which is full of positive guidance, exercising your own psychic powers is a great way for you to strengthen the connection between yourself and the psychic.

One useful exercise works on your telepathic skills. Many psychics seem to know who is calling them on the phone before even picking it up or reading the caller ID display, something which can be put down to them giving off energetic signals of intention. Practising this with someone you are close to will often bring about the strongest results as there will naturally be a sensitive connection between the two of you.

A second highly recommended psychic workout is to practise telling the time without the use of a watch. Try to use your watch less frequently, and instead close your eyes and ask yourself what the time is. Once a time has popped into your head, check its accuracy. You might be surprised at how accurate this can be, and picking the first time that automatically pops into your head will exercise your psychic skill most.


Image Credit: hirotomo (flickr.com)

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