Feel warm this winter with positive psychic energies

Feel warm this winter with positive psychic energiesAs the winter winds and cold temperatures keep on coming, we are all looking for ways to warm up. Many choose to put on a jumper or have some soup for physical warmth, but psychic warmth can be found in many other ways. A free psychic reading can help us face the world with positivity and warmth, and another great way to warm ourselves psychically this winter is to use nostalgia.

A recent study by theUniversityofSouthamptonhas shown that people do feel warmer and are better able to tolerate cold temperatures when recalling happy memories from the past. Nostalgia can give us the psychic energy needed to feel stronger and more confident in our actions, with the kind of warmth that positivity brings.

If you find yourself facing a tough day and could do with a bit of warmth, there are many ways to bring about nostalgia. Of course, you could cast your mind back to a happy memory, but you can also use sights, sounds, smells and tastes which you remember feeling during a happy time. These can help trigger a happy memory, making the nostalgia feel more natural and thus stronger.


Image Credit: austinevan (commons.wikimedia.org)

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