Signs of a good tarot reading

Signs of a good tarot readingWhether looking for a tarot reading online, over the phone or face to face, there are a few things to keep in mind when thinking about the skills of your tarot reader.

First, it is important to remember what the tarot is meant for. A tarot reading can help you look into your subconscious and pull out the deepest and most fundamental energies that make up your existence, rather than predicting the future. It is important to approach a tarot reading with the idea of gaining deeper insight into yourself to help you move on with life, not looking for a shortcut to an answer to a specific question.

A second piece of advice is to go with your intuition. It is useful to ask yourself if you feel connected to your tarot reader before, during and after a reading, as the stronger the connection between you and your reader, the better the quality of your reading.


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