Finding your divine purpose

Finding your divine purposeFiguring out your divine purpose with the help of a tarot reading and then going on to achieve this can be one of the most rewarding experiences for the soul, but before seeking this kind of help from a tarot reading, what kind of things should you be thinking about?

Your divine purpose does not need to be something like becoming the prime minister or discovering a cure for cancer, it is simply finding out what your purpose in life is. To begin, thinking back through your career can be helpful, reminding yourself of what made you tick and what made you feel like you didn’t want to come in to work that day.

Once you have pinpointed these things, you can start thinking about how you can avoid the things that you don’t enjoy and work towards the things that you do enjoy. It could be particularly helpful to think of instances where you have experienced something that you felt was meaningful during your professional or personal life, and then discuss that during your tarot reading.

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