Kristen Stewart runs into Liberty Ross at Coachella Festival

Kristen Stewart runs into Liberty Ross at Coachella FestivalRunning into an ex is always awkward, but running into the wife of the man that you cheated on your boyfriend with has got to be even worse. Unfortunately for Kristen Stewart, this is exactly what happened to her at Coachella Festival.

The Twilight star attended the festival with boyfriend Robert Pattinson and managed to bag a spot at the front of the stage for Jurassic 5’s gig, but the person standing next to them turned out to be none other than Liberty Ross, the ex-wife of Rupert Sanders.

The model was attending the festival with new love Jimmy Iovine and his friend Bono from U2, and it was safe to say that Kristen felt incredibly uncomfortable.

A source said that she looked upset at the backstage bar after the gig, but Rob seemed too preoccupied with meeting Damon Albarn from Blur to spend time consoling his girlfriend.

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