First steps into reading auras

AURAWe all get vibes from each other, whether positive or negative, and these can manifest as an aura. It takes concentration and understanding to be able to interpret auras, the same kind of skills developed through a psychic reading. Here is a short guide to finding your way into aura reading.

Practise makes perfect, and the first thing to practise on is yourself. First, spend a few minutes relaxing into a meditative state, clearing your mind and relaxing your eyes. Then place your hand on a plain, white piece of paper and look at the aura surrounding the fingertips, rather than the hand. Keep the eyes relaxed, and after a while a soft haze should appear, featuring a distinct colour.

When moving on to people, ask them to stand against a plain, pale surface and simply repeat the same. It will get better with practise! Some of the most important colours include:

Red: strength, passion and determination

Green: sympathy and serenity

Blue: quiet and calm

Pink: love and romantic intention


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