How to use essential oils effectively

LavenderBefore taking a tarot reading, it can be useful to use essential oils, an ancient medicine whose calming effects have been felt throughout time. Nowadays, they can be used in many ways, including in baths, for massages, on pillows and in oil burners. Here are a few helpful tips when it comes to using and choosing essential oils.

It is certainly recommended to head to a store and try out testers of oils if you are not sure what to go for. Different oils tend to have different effects and create different moods, so keep this in mind when buying essential oils. Burning oils is particularly good at clearing or changing the energy in a room, but for a more gentle approach, adding a single drop to your pillow can work wonders.

Here are some of the common essential oils and their uses:

    • Lavender – to relax
    • Cedar wood – for structure
    • Peppermint – to gain clarity
    • Spearmint – to heighten senses
    • Clove – to ground
    • Orange – to stimulate the imagination
    • Ylang-ylang – for balance
    • Jasmine – for romance

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