Gifts Of Love To Give To Yourself

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time of year to make a break from limiting self-beliefs, bad habits and negative thinking. Focusing your attention on the positive gifts of self-love can change your perspective, and inspire you to spread more love, joy and happiness in the world.

The Gift Of Inner Peace

People who exude a sense of inner peace never worry about anything rocking their world. Their calm exterior, and spiritually centred interior, are perpetually in harmonious balance. Meditation is a highly accessible and effective tool that can lead you to this secret space where you will find inner peace. Daily meditation practice is a self-love gift that can make a huge difference to your world. As little as 5-10 minutes of meditation ever day reduces your stress and maximises your happy vibe.

The Gift Of Health
 & Vitality

Many of us are guilty of taking our health and vitality for granted. The body is the vessel for your spiritual being and experience, and requires on-going self-care, nutrition and exercise in order to function optimally. To enjoy your life enriching health gifts to the max introduce these small detox changes into your self-care regime:

Daily Detox – Start every morning by drinking a cup of warm lemon water. Simply boil water, pour into a cup, and top up with the juice of a half of a fresh lemon. This popular Ayurvedic remedy allows the body to gently flush out toxins.

Body Brushing – Regular dry brushing, with a natural bristle bath brush, is a great way of enhancing the benefits of detoxing. Dry brush the skin in small circular movements, working towards the heart. Begin at the feet and work your way up, avoiding the face. After exfoliating the dead skin cells you are ready for your pampering shower.

Massage – Self-massage is great for relieving stress and tension. For improved quality of sleep massage your feet with sesame seed oil every night. Add a few drops of your favourite aromatherapy essential oil, and you’ll sleep like a baby.

The Gift Of Fragrance

Fragrant fresh flowers are a universal symbol of love. If you’ve never bought yourself a bunch of flowers celebrate St Valentine’s Day by treating yourself. Scent your environment with heavenly uplifting aromas that make you feel good. Choose scented candles, diffusers and flowers to beautify your space.

The Gift Of Forgiveness

In order to leave the past behind, so that you can heal and move forward, it’s essential to surrender and forgive. Forgive others, and yourself, so that you can replace negative emotions with unlimited positive love and compassion.

The Gift Of Self-Awareness

Self-awareness is the ultimate self-love gift that you can give yourself. Being mindfully present, and following your inner guidance, will lead you to a place of love, joy and happiness. Embrace all aspects of your spiritual journey, even the challenging and difficult parts. Opening your heart to love is essential for self-mastery.

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