Green spaces and your psychic wellbeing

Green spaces and your psychic wellbeingIt’s well known that green spaces are good for our mental health, giving us a place to relax and get away from the rushed pace of modern life. However, have you considered how they can also affect your spiritual side?

As a species, humans have a deep-rooted connection to the Earth. When we were hunter gatherers, living off the land, we had to be able to feel what the Earth was thinking and adjust our lives to it. Now, we are disconnected, and this can leave us with a spiritual gap.

To get back this side of ourselves, we can take time out of our day to sit in a place that is full of natural life, both plant and animal, and let our psychic consciousness reach out to touch the web of energy that wells up in places where natural life flourishes.

By reconnecting ourselves with the Earth in this way, we strengthen our spiritual side, creating a greater link with the world around us and drawing on the psychic energy that flows through the universe.


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