How astrology can help you find the perfect diet

How astrology can help you find the perfect diet Astrology and tarot reading can be used for a multitude of purposes, by using our stars we can receive information about our relationships, personalities and now a way of dieting. National newspaper the Daily Mail has just featured a brand new diet that is inspired by astrology and aims to not only give you an insight into your personality but also help you to find a diet plan and fitness method that will suit you.

With over 20 years experience of lecturing and writing about health and astrology, Sharon Ward has compiled the ‘Astro-Diet’ to inspire and encourage a new fitness and diet regime based upon your star sign.

As an example, Scorpios are renowned for being utterly focussed, meaning that they need a fitness and diet regime that will push them to the limit. The ‘Astro-Diet’ recommends the 4-Hour Body diet with no carbs and fruit but lots of pulses. Exercise-wise, due to Scorpio’s typically high levels of focus, a martial art, such as kickboxing, is recommended.

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Image credit: Doug Millington

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