The Magical World of Tarot – Card 6, The Lovers

The spoken word is not enough. The spirit speaks in pictures. The Tarot cards have been handed down to us through the mists of time, from whence no one knows. Thousands of years ago, the legendary Queen Cleopatra of Egypt, is said to have used tarot cards to predict her immortal love affair with Mark Antony.

The Lovers, Card Number 6 – is one of the most powerful and influential cards in the Major Arcana. It shows a man and woman turning to one another, symbolising union. In the heavens above, a mystic angel or God of love, looks down upon them with a cryptic smile. The lovers represent all combinations of sexuality. The card also indicates choice. Is she the lady of my dreams? Is he my Mr.Right? Destiny demands an answer.

If The Lovers makes an early appearance in your reading, then it is no accident.

If love is not already in your life, then it could be soon. If you have recently split with a partner, the card carries a promise of reconciliation, but this depends very much upon on the cards adjacent to it. A broken love affair is painful, but do not be in too much of a hurry to glue the pieces together again. Sit back and access the situation and examine the reasons why the affair failed. Maybe it simply ran out of steam and Fate is doing you a big favour by handing you the freedom to walk away and find a more satisfactory partner.

And sometimes, even though a relationship has turned sour and is full of conflict, we simply close our eyes, cross our fingers and carry on because we are too afraid to walk away and be alone. Many clients tell me that my tarot readings have provided them with valuable confirmation that their unspoken instincts are correct and that the reading has been a mental break through and instrumental in restoring their self-confidence, thus enabling them to break away from a destructive and unhappy love affair.


Azara is an experienced Tarot Card reader who has for many years guided people spiritually around their problems.

If you have a love query of any kind, or if you need guidance on any subject call AZARA 1033 on 09115 800 811.


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