How shorter nights affect spirits and ghosts

How shorter nights affect spirits and ghostsGhosts might be associated with Halloween and, in some cases, Christmas, but it’s not just the seasons with long nights that they can make an appearance on. Whilst the long, dark hours might make it easier for us to see them as they stand out against the blackness, they can actually manifest at any time of the day or year.

Many psychic readings rely on communication with these spirits, so it wouldn’t make sense if they could only be contacted at certain hours. Some might prefer the night, but others are just as happy, if not happier, in the day.

If you want to look for summer spirits yourself, the twilight is often a good time to do so. Whilst the bright sunshine can go right through them, making them almost entirely invisible, the rays of the setting or rising sun are likely to be refracted through their presence, creating a shimmer in the atmosphere that, if you pay attention, you may notice.

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