Can psychic ability grow as we age?

Old woman's hands tucked between her legsMany people will be familiar with the idea of psychic ability becoming noticeable in children as they become teenagers or manifesting as they move into adulthood, but these changes can continue to happen throughout our lives.

Because psychic power is governed not just by our mind and our body, but also by the constitution of our souls or spirits, it’s possible for it to ebb and strengthen over time. It will never disappear completely (think of the tides: the water retreats or moves in, but it is always still there somewhere), but knowing if you are in a strong period or a weak one can help you decide whether to listen to your psychic inclinations or not.

Professional psychics and tarot readers often learn which parts of them govern their psychic ability, making sure that they keep themselves holistically tuned to maximise the insight they can gain from their powers, which is why their readings can be more reliable.


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