How to deal with the destructive cycles left by ancestors

familyWhen taking a love psychic reading the medium will undoubtedly make reference to your past and the lives of your ancestors. We like to feel that we are ultimately in control of our own destinies, but what relevance do our ancestors have on our future decisions?

We inherit a number of traits from our ancestors, both good and bad. It is particularly important to note destructive cycles of behaviour as these can be the most damaging thing to pass on, echoing into the lives of everyone around us.

Nikki MacKay carried out some work as an NHS physicist, and she argued that ancestral aspects are passed on psychically, much like mental illness can be passed on through generations of families.

Once these damaging chains have been identified it is possible to break the cycle. After her research project, Nikki MacKay recommended that it is important to find a root to the destructive behaviour and try to deal with this in ourselves, something that a psychic, in particular, can help with.

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