How to exercise your sixth sense

How to exercise your sixth senseWe are often less aware of psychic stimuli than physical stimuli in daily life, meaning that only those who exercise their sixth sense can provide an accurate psychic reading. It is something that we can all work on though.

The first step towards improving your sixth sense is to meditate. Unlike the body, which needs exertion, the subconscious needs relaxation and stillness to blossom. Begin by entering a trance-like state and trying to recall moments where you think your sixth sense has appeared, such as when you had a dream which has come true.

Once you have set your psychic sights on a particular experience, you need to recreate it in as much detail as possible so that you can identify similarities and differences between each experience. Making a note of these can help you identify exactly what feelings surround these moments in which your sixth sense is most heightened. Recalling these feelings once in a meditative state can start you off on exercising your sixth sense.


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