How to spot a cold reading psychic fraud

crystal ballDue to the abstract nature of psychic readings and the lack of any official stamps of approval, unfortunately there are a number of fraudsters who exploit psychic readings. These people are damaging not only to the profession but also the people seeking psychic advice, so it is useful to be able to spot the signs of a fake before going too far.

The easiest way to spot a fake is to identify if they are doing a cold reading. This is when a fake medium uses a number of methods to gain information that you may think is impossible of knowing. This includes reading body language and making assumptions from factors like hairstyle, jewellery and age. These kinds of things can suggest certain facts that fakes can exploit. One way around this is to do a psychic reading online.

Another thing to look out for is the use of leading questions or vague statements. People don’t want ‘unclear visions’ and ‘general messages’ from a free tarot reading, and leading questions are aimed at getting you to reveal facts about you that a fake can exploit.

Spotting these things will certainly help you identify any cold reading psychic fraudsters in the future.

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