How to spot the skills of a real psychic

palm readingAs the New Year comes ever closer and we begin to think of what changes are coming our way, many of us turn to the advice from a love psychic reading. It is sadly true that fake psychics are out there in the public eye, so here are a few hints to help you spot the real from the fake.

  1. A real psychic will supply you with information and one of the most common tell-tale signs of a fake is if they ask for lots of information from you. They can be very sneaky about this and word questions that seem like they are not asking you for information.
  2. Too much eye contact is a lesser known feature of a fake reading, in particular when seeing a medium. The psychic should be focusing more attention on other spirits, not you. Phoning a psychic is one way to get around this.
  3. Psychics use their gifts for the benefit of their clients but of course they need to make a living from their skills. You should be wary of psychics who charge too much; going through a company or website can be a great way to see what the going rate is and also to find reputable psychics.


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