Ignite your partner’s desire this Valentine’s Day.

121 Tarot Reading’s has put together a little guide to the sensual zodiac.


Aries – 21st March – 19th April (Tarot Card the Emperor)

For a Valentine’s Day never to be forgotten – the Aries Lover is ruled by the Emperor Card. Let your Valentine express their knowledge and experience in the bedroom – don’t try to stop them.   Emperors like to show off, so make them work hard.  Keep compliments to a minimum.   Want to know what your Valentine lover has in store for you and what the future holds, then why not have a Tarot reading today?


Taurus – 20th April  – 20th May (Tarot Card- The King of Wands)

To spice up Valentine’s day, lay on a great buffet with a difference.   Let your lover eat their food from your naked body.  They won’t be able to resist and it won’t be long before they are nibbling away at more than the food.   Lie very still because Taurus loves to be silent,  and take their pleasures without delay.  Taurus can find themselves often being controlled in their day to day situations, let the Tarot show you the way to making Taurus the dominator in the bedroom.   If you would like to know more about this red hot Valentine sign and how they feel about you right now, why not seek out one of our experienced tarot readers today?


Gemini   – 21st May – 20th June  (Tarot Card – Knight of Swords)

The Knight of Swords loves to be the Victor in all that they do. They love to hear you tell them what you like and then they love to fantasise how best to do it.  They never tire of being set challenges and tasks.  Think of your naughtiest fantasy then relay it to the Knight of Swords and watch them survey the room for props to assist them. They rarely stick to the bedroom so be prepared to be swept off of your feet quite literally. Keeping a Gemini satisfied can be hard, want to know how to keep your Valentine interested?  Then why not have a Tarot reading today.


Cancer  –  21st June – 22nd July (Tarot Card – The Empress)

The Empress loves to be loved, so show your Valentines just what they really mean to you.  Run a sensual bath fill it with rose petals and light sweet smelling candles.   Smoother your lover in warm oil and massage it into all those secret places. The Empress loves Champagne, Chocolates & Strawberries. Spoil this Lover and they will reward you time and time again.   The Empress is a giver who likes to return a favour with interest. Once this person is warmed up expect the passion to burn hot and long.  Want to know what the future holds for your valentine?  Why not call one of our experienced Tarot readers today.


Leo 23rd July – 22nd August  (Tarot Card – The Sun)

The Sun loves to heat up slowly.   As the sun rises in the morning, this sign likes to be get going.  Be prepared to set the alarm clock early, as once this sign gets going there is no stopping them.  They like to perform and every performance is worthy of an Oscar. To keep them sizzling gently stop them half way through to watch you. Keep eye contact as you bite nibble and tease. Pull their hair gently, flick their ears with your tongue, climb on top and purr like a cat who has got the cream.  This sign likes a lot of action from Sun Rise to Sun Set, once is never enough.   Want to find out more on keeping your Valentines on their toes?  Why not call one of our experienced tarot readers today.


Virgo   –  23rd August – 22nd September (Tarot Card – Temperance)

Valentines love with this red hot lover requires patience and time.  This sign loves lots of foreplay in fact in their minds this is the best part the lead up and the burning passion. Tease them with feathers, and silk, Gently slap and nibble them simultaneously whilst telling them how sexy you find them.  Tease them over and over again.  Heighten the sensation by giving them a safe word but it’s very rare that they would ever use it though.  Want to know what the future has in store for you and your Valentine? Why not call one of our experienced tarot readers.


Libra  –  23rd September – 22nd October  (Tarot Card – Eight of Swords)

The Eight of Swords is portrayed by a figure blindfolded and bound.  This sign loves S & M and bondage.  They also love to relieve the moment over and over again.   Gently tie your lover and blindfold them.  Act out your fantasy or a part you previously enjoyed with them. Giving them a running commentary as you work your way through every part of their body.   Want to know why this is going to be one Valentine’s day never to be forgotten?  Seek out a Tarot reading from one of our highly experienced Tarot readers.

Scorpio  –  23rd October – 21st November (Tarot Card – Knight of Wands)

The Knight of Wands is a typical flirt, he is full of passion and lust and has so much sexual energy just bubbling away – it just oozes out of him. This sign is always great in bed, but once the act is over – they have a tendency to turn over and go to sleep or leave.  If you want to keep the Knight of Wands interested you need to get them to open up their deepest fantasies.  Crack open the wine an play a game of naughty truth or dare.  This sign loves to play games and will join in with only one goal – to win you over.   Want to know how to get this person to commit forever, call one of our highly experienced Tarot Readers today.


Sagittarius  –  22nd November – 21st December (Tarot Card – Three of Cups)

The three of cups talks of threesomes and fantasy. Sagittarius likes to fantasize and dream.  Sagittarius likes to be told often of their sexual prowess.  Don’t hold back when praising this sign.  Make sure you are vocal and often. They like loud appreciative sex.   Cheer them on tell them how wonderful they are and fuel their fantasy with some of your own.   Don’t expect to leave the bedroom again that night for the Sagittarius really does like to make a night of it.   Want to know how to keep your Sagittarius interested in you?  Why not give one of our highly experienced Tarot Readers a call today.


Capricorn   – 22nd December – 19th January  (Tarot Card – The Star)

This Sign loves all things slow and to savour ever second of it, think Tantric sex. Go for the slow burn, Breathe in time with them look them in the face, whilst you take your time to touch and stroke their bum and their thighs over and over again. This sign loves eye contact so doesn’t look away, Watch their every move.   Sex in front of the mirror is a huge turn on for this sign. Want to know how to take your love to the next level?   Why not call one of our experienced Tarot Readers right now.

Aquarius   – 20th January – 18th February  (Tarot Card – The Devil)

This is truly the sign of the Devil.  Anything goes with this Tarot Significator.  Toys, Bondage and Dominatrix are just some of the things this person likes to be involved in. Role Playing is always fun as this sign likes to get right in the act.   The Devil likes permanence – and to keep their lovers forever. They like to be played with and toyed with and kept on their toes literally.   Gently hang them up and slap them gently and they will be yours forever.    Want to know how to get your Aquarius to make you their forever lover?   Why not call one of our highly experienced Tarot readers for the answer today.


Pisces – 19th February – 20th March –  (Eight of Wands)

The Eight of Wands likes fast sex they like it rough and they like it now, they like to get it over with quickly and in the shower or bath.  The Trick here is to turn it around Run a hot bath and join them, or steam up the shower and get them to show you a few tricks of their own under the hot running water. This sign really likes to perform in water. Hot Tubs, Pools or sensual baths and this sign will really come into their own.   Pour champagne into your mouth and gently dribble it over our lover and take your time licking it off again.   This sign loves anything that gets them wet and turned on. Want to know how to get this sign to commit?   Why not call one of our highly experienced Tarot Readers now.

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