Is Love all around? Your soul in the stars…

Known as the month that represents love, February focuses our attention on love and romance. During this time your perception on what love means will depend on whether or not you’re happy and in love, miserable in a relationship or single and looking for love. Regardless of your personal experience love is a heartfelt emotion that is all around us. Open your heart to give and receive love and trust that your soul is always guiding you towards a greater understanding of what love is.

Feel the love within

Contrary to popular belief love is not the gushy, mushy stuff you see in the movies. Real love is an emotion and state of being that is generated from within and beams out towards others, rather like a bright light. The more love you feel inside, the greater the love you will feel around you.

To feel love within you need to focus on your self. Remove external distractions and previously held beliefs and illusions of love. Stop checking out what other people have and learn to be content with your life, in this exact moment. Meditation may also help you connect with your soul so that you are guided towards finding the inner peace and love that you seek.

Make meaningful changes

Holding on to fears and limiting beliefs blocks you from feeling an abundance of love. Adopting a new mindset will help you to release some of the fears that keep you experiencing darkness, or lack of love, so that you can step into your own light of love. A spiritual reading may help you identify your restricting fears and guide you towards creating positive changes in the way you think, act and perceive love.

Give to receive

What goes around comes around and this is also true of love. When you give love through gestures of kindness, express genuine affection, support others in their time of need and show love with humility you will receive the same in return. This doesn’t mean that you’ll be inundated with loving favours and gifts from the people you have helped. Love is returned in many ways and when you are fully connected to your loving light within you’ll be able to see your own abundance. Open your heart to receive all that is yours.

Switching on to love

Once you have removed your rose tinted specs you’ll no longer view love as the meaningless sentiment that many people are too eager to buy into. Just because your best friend has a boyfriend it doesn’t mean that she has love in her life, or understands what love really is. Switch your love light on and watch as your own world is transformed and becomes illuminated by new possibilities. When you accept love as a feeling that comes from within you will be able to see it reflected back at you via the things, people and experiences you see around you. Allow your soul to lead the way…

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