How To Include Prayer In Your Life

Prayer means different things to different people. If you are devoutly religious, prayer typically plays an important part of everyday life. If you only turn to prayer in times of emergency, you are likely to be a casual believer who expects to see miracles occur in return for your devotion.

Praying doesn’t need to follow any strict guidelines or rules set out in a book. Prayer is a personal experience that is available for everyone.

Daily Meditation Practice

When you are under stress, it can be highly beneficial to you to close your eyes for a moment, and to listen to your inner guidance. Daily meditation practice takes you to the place of inner calm and peace, without having to experience extreme stress or other issues.

Meditation creates a sacred space for you to be alone with your Higher Self. In this reflective state of prayer you can let go of all worries and concerns and focus your thoughts on inner bliss. Your prayer can be inwardly silent or outwardly vocal. As your body is cleansed of negative emotions and filled with positive energy, you will begin to experience a feeling of harmony and balance. All that you need to do to achieve this is commit to daily meditative practice.

Prayers For Healing

Prayer can be used when focusing your attention on thinking about a particular person, event or topic. It can be used to send healing energy to people or situations around the world. It is your intention that gives prayer power.

To incorporate healing prayers into your daily life you can offer a meaningful prayer at mealtimes. Before you tuck into your delicious food get into the habit of giving thanks. If you are worried about what other people may think of you, as you pray, you can discreetly speak your words of thanks and gratitude silently to yourself.

Reconnecting To Your Spiritual Essence

Regardless of the religious experiences that you may have had in childhood, that put you off prayer for life, your spiritual journey requires you to connect with your divine spiritual essence from time to time. When you take your attention and focus it inwards, prayer is often the method of communication.

You may choose to memorise a spiritual text that is meaningful to you, or to recite an affirmation. It is your intention and feelings that allow you to open your heart to connecting with the Divine.

Counting Your Blessings

The attitude of gratitude teaches us to count our blessings. The way in which you choose to do this is entirely up to you. Many people create a mini ritual in which they participate once or twice a day. Giving thanks for all that you are grateful for is a form of prayer and meditative practice that enhances your spiritual development, connection and growth. By giving thanks for your experiences and personal connections each day, your prayer is creating, and attracting, a flow of abundance and miracles into your life.

For guidance on connecting with your spiritual essence, call one of our experienced spiritual readers today.

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