The Benefits Of Owning Less Stuff

It usually starts with buying a few things, and typically ends up with hording items that you no longer have any use for. When you own a lot of ‘stuff’ you can quickly reach the point when you are living beyond your means, and continually trying to keep up with the neighbours or your friends. Being materialistic really does you no favours.

On the other hand, owning less, and making good use of the things that you already possess, has many benefits.

You Feel Better About Yourself

There’s nothing wrong in wanting things. When wants become obsessions and demands it’s time to break the vicious cycle of feeding your greed. Being in the grip of materialistic madness negatively impacts on how you feel about yourself. When you let go of the need to own the latest gadget, or the designer shoes that every Hollywood celebrity is wearing, you become more self-aware about want you really need. You’ll surprise yourself when you realise that your happiness doesn’t depend on the amount of things that you own.

You Spend Less Money

The less money that you splurge on shopping sprees and bargain sales, the more cash that you’ll keep in your pocket. When you shift your mindset and perspective you’ll quickly understand the value of owning less stuff. When your mind is focused on spending less and saving, you will easily discover new, creative and inventive ways of increasing your bank balance. Keeping a check on your outgoings will also help you identify ways to save a few pennies.

You Appreciate All That You Have

Most people don’t realise how much stuff they actually own until it comes to packing it all up and moving home. Learn to look around you and appreciate the things that you already have. Look for ways of reusing or recycling household items so that you give them a new lease of life. Having a good clear out, from time to time, encourages you to streamline your possessions even more. Treasure the things that you love, keep the useful and practical stuff, and get rid of everything else.

You’re Not Weighed Down By ‘Stuff”

Stuff is a bit like emotional baggage. It weighs you down and drains your energy. The more stuff that you have in your home, the more reasons you need to have a good clear out. Focus on one room at a time, and aim to remove all clutter and things that you no longer love or use. The more stuff that you let go of the lighter the energy will become. When you’ve cleared every room cleanse your space with a sage smudge stick. This cleansing ritual will remove the stagnant energy that has been weighing you down.

Cleaning Is Easy

When it comes to cleaning your home, having less stuff simplifies your life and cuts down on your chores time. When you have a clean sweep of your possessions you’ll feel liberated. Downsizing makes cleaning less time consuming and more fun. When you whizz round your home in record time, with the vacuum cleaner, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to realise that less is definitely more.


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