Inspired Love & Relationship Questions To Ask The Tarot

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When consulting the tarot on matters of the heart it can sometimes be challenging to come up with the perfect question that best sums up what is in your heart and mind. The questions that you ask determine the answers you will receive. In other words, the answers you get will be framed to match your question. It is therefore important to take a little time over choosing your words with due care and consideration.

There are unlimited questions that you can ask the tarot about love, romance and relationship happiness. To ensure that you don’t waste time asking irrelevant or disempowering questions, it is worth bearing in mind that the questions that you ask have the power to move you forward in your life. Focus your intention on questions that empower you so that you are able to make good, proactive choices.

If You’re Single And Ready To Mingle

Ask: How am I presently blocking love in my life, and what can I do to let go of this block?

This proactive approach instantly empowers you, and helps you to identify repetitive patterns of behaviour that have held you back from experiencing the love that you want.

New Relationship Happiness

Ask: What love lessons does this relationship have in store for me?

This is valuable insight that will help you navigate any bumps in the road to ultimate relationship happiness.

New And Old Relationship Concerns

Ask: What is my partner mirroring back to me, for me to own and work through?

When you view a relationship as a learning experience you gain greater insight into how to make things work. Often, we project things that require healing and this can cause relationship disharmony. Identify the issue, and you become better informed to overcome your concerns.

For Long-Term Relationship Fun And Excitement

Ask: What can I do to keep things fun and exciting in this relationship?

This question focuses on your actions and input, and takes your attention away from things you have little or no control over.

To Let Love Go

Ask: How can I complete this love journey with (insert name), in a loving and healing way?

Relationships come to a natural end when one or both partners have learned everything possible within the spiritual connection. Handled in this responsible and grown up manner, the end of the relationship can also be a positive new beginning for you and your ex.

Uninspired Love Questions To Avoid

  • Will I ever find love?

Firstly, ‘ever’ is a very long time, so consider a more precise timeframe if you must ask this question. Secondly, you will find whatever you expect to find. Therefore, consider focusing on self-love so that you first find the love that you seek in your self.

  • What will love bring me?

Love will bring you exactly what you (subconsciously) expect. Let go of past hurts to heal, and to open your heart once again.

  • When will I meet my soul mate?

Before asking this question it is a good idea to learn more about soul mates, karmic connections and spiritual love matches.

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