Red Hot Tarot Cards For Love

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Love is what makes life worth living. You can never have enough love in your life and relationships, and there are a number of tarot cards that clearly identify and represent this. When any, or all, of these love themed tarot cards show up in your reading you can expect love to take centre stage in your life.

To find out if love is just around the corner, or to explore your perfect love connection, a tarot reading with one of our experienced psychic readers, will give you the answers that you seek. The following tarot cards are the cards that you most want to appear in any love, romance and relationship reading.

Major Arcana:

The Lovers

The Lovers is considered to be the ultimate tarot card for love, primarily because of the symbolic image. This card represents a unique bond and deep connection between two people, and reflects a genuine and authentic love relationship. Mutual trust and respect provide the foundation of this connection.

The Empress

The Empress is a sensually beautiful, fertile and expressive lady that represents a deep, loving connection within a relationship. When this card appears there is likely to be sensual fulfillment within your partnership.

The Emperor

The Emperor is the masculine principle and represents stability, authority and dependability. This card often suggests a long-term partner.

The Hierophant

The Hierophant is associated with tradition, structure and religion, and usually indicates a long-term, committed relationship. Marriage is likely to be on the cards too!

Minor Arcana:

The Ace Of Cups

The Ace of Cups represents new beginnings, and is often symbolic of a new exciting romance or blossoming relationship. This level of excitement and love happiness can even make you feel like a giddy teenager!

The Two Of Cups

The Two of Cups indicates a strong bond between two people. Both lovers are also deeply committed to the monogamous and harmonious relationship.

The Ten Of Cups

The Ten of Cups symbolises a loving home and happy family life. This card indicates deep family values and a true sense of completion. When this uplifting card appears in your tarot spread your life is likely to be picture perfect.

The Knight Of Cups

The Knight of Cups is considered to be the proverbial knight in shining armour who is heading in your direction. This card indicates there is someone special bringing romance into your life.

The Four Of Wands

The Four of Wands is a celebratory card that is often associated with an engagement, wedding or deepening of a romantic union. This card may indicate that your romantic connection is about to go up a notch.

The Ten Of Pentacles

The Ten of Pentacles represents material wishes being fulfilled. You have a great deal to be thankful for, and your relationships are harmonious and happy. Your love commitment will continue to the next level. If you’re single and looking for love, this card indicates cupid’s arrow is about to strike with speed.

To check out the meaning of your love tarot cards, call one of our experienced psychic readers today.

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