Jason Manford and wife end six year marriage

Jason Manford and wife end six year marriageComedian Jason Manford announced recently that he and his wife have ended their six year marriage, but it was also revealed that the split actually happened last year.

Jason Manford’s good guy image of being the perfect family man came crashing down in 2010 after details emerged that he was involved in an online sex scandal and was caught exchanging raunchy Twitter messages with a female fan.

His career took a huge hit following this and he quit his presenting job on The One Show. At that time, his wife was hurt but was willing to try to make their marriage work, and Jason said that he hoped they would have “another 60 years together”.

This recent news suggests that efforts to save the marriage have failed, but a source has said that “they simply grew apart” and “are still good friends”.

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Image Credit: University of Salford Press Office (commons.wikimedia.org)

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