Some common superstitions and their origins

Some common superstitions and their originsMany of us tend to encounter a superstitious occurrence every day, and after encountering one we often look for answers and reassurance from an online psychic reading. It can be helpful to approach the psychic reading with a bit of knowledge about the superstition, so here is a summary of some of the most common ones.

Ladders – the Ancient Egyptians used to place ladders next to tombs to help dead souls begin their climb to heaven, and it follows that walking underneath one of these ladders could interfere with this journey.

Salt – it was believed to be a magical substance as it preserved meat and made food taste extraordinary. Spilling it was considering unlucky because this magic was then wasted, and knocking a pot of it over was said to attract demons. Throwing some over your left shoulder is supposed to deter these demons.

Cats – one of the most common superstitions is linked to black cats. Although Ancient Egyptians regarded cats as divine being, with the rise of Christianity the very opposite became general belief. Hundreds of cats were burned alive during the 17th century witch hunts, but spiritual people today know that cats are not a bad omen at all.

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