Kate and Wills announce Royal baby for July birth

Kate and Wills announce Royal baby for July birthThe most exciting news about the Royal baby since news of its existence came out this week when St James’s Palace confirmed that it would be born in July.

Kate Middleton is now around the 13th or 14th week of her pregnancy, thought to be the time that both the Duchess and Prince William had planned to publicly announce it.

The pregnancy is progressing well and it is now known that twins are not expected; Kate Middleton will be giving birth in July to either one girl or one boy. Some parents choose to have an ultrasound at around 18-20 weeks that can help reveal the gender of the baby, but it is not yet known if the royal couple wish to know the gender of the new royal until the birth.

The Queen has already acted to make sure that the new baby will be known as Her Royal Highness rather than Lady and will be a future monarch.

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Image Credit: Tom Soper (flickr.com)

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