Help yourself make your own luck

Help yourself make your own luckNo matter how much we say we don’t believe in luck, we will still find ourselves avoiding ladders and searching for the elusive four leaf clover. Taking a tarot reading can help us get to grips with our luck and can help set us on the path to luckiness, but for in between readings, here are a few tips.

First, it is important to remember that we have freewill. By accepting that we have control over our lives, we help make our own luck by making positive choices. Another good tip is to relax; we can often observe more when relaxed as we are not caught up with our own problems. This can also help us take a more open-minded view of situations that come our way.

You may notice that you are taking a path that feels oddly similar sometimes, and that is the time to sit up and choose to do something differently. If you see yourself heading towards a situation which previously left you in a bad position, find some energy to make a change in your life.


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