Keep your aura in great shape

Keep your aura in great shapeAuras are something that everyone subtly notices when coming across others and many choose to ask about auras during a tarot reading. This build up of universal energy is just as much a part of the body as your head or your feet, and like the body it needs to be worked on to keep it in good condition.

One tip for keeping your aura in good shape is to do things that make you feel refreshed. This varies from person to person and can range from going for a run to giving a cupboard a bit of a spring clean. Stimulation is also key, so engaging with activities that help you get in touch with your Higher Self will help ‘feed’ your aura. Some good suggestions are painting, gardening or getting a tarot reading.

Although traumatic experiences and negative environments will inevitably have a negative effect on auras, the tips for keeping it in shape can really help balance out this negativity.


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