Do You Need Spiritual Cleansing?

Many of us will tweak and moderate our eating habits in order to cleanse or detox the body, from time to time. We happily spring clean our homes to remove stagnant energy and to promote environmental wellbeing. Yet the energy and wellbeing of the spiritual self is often overlooked and neglected.

Spiritual cleansing is just as important as clearing out your clutter, or losing a few pounds. When you clear your emotional baggage and limiting self-beliefs you free yourself of energy that keeps you stuck or weighs you down.

Do You Need A Spiritual Cleanse?

  1. Do you live in the past and have reoccurring thoughts that you can’t let go of?
  2. Do you feel lost, stuck or overwhelmed, and don’t know what to do?
  3. Are you aimlessly trying to figure out your life purpose?
  4. Are you burdened by feelings of guilt or regret?
  5. Are you over emotional all of the time?
  6. Are you living in denial, and are too afraid to accept events and situations?

Spiritual cleansing can help you identify the root cause, remove the blockages, and align with your truth.

Spiritual Cleansing – How To:

Just like making positive dietary choices and new healthy lifestyle changes, spiritual cleansing is a personal process that is designed to work just for you. The process involves paying attention to what your mind, body and spirit is telling and showing you. You may choose one or two cleansing rituals that resonate with you, at any time, or work your way through all of them.

Letting It All Go

Find a quiet place to sit with a journal and pen. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. When you feel calm and centred open your eyes and begin writing down everything that pops into your mind. It may take a few minutes before you have the impulse to write things down in a furiously fast flow. Keep writing non-stop for 5 minutes, or until your mind is clear.

Accepting Your Emotions

Your writing may have tapped emotions that were lying dormant. Spend 10-15 minutes sitting in silence and exploring, acknowledging and accepting whatever emotions surface. You may feel like crying or screaming, or you may laugh or feel excited. Allow each emotion to reveal itself fully so that they can be released. Wrap each emotion in love and thank it for all that it has taught you. See each emotion and past hurt floating away, as you release and heal with love.

Breathe And Believe

Close your eyes and focus solely on your breathing. Feel the expansion of your belly, rib cage and chest with each deep breath that you take. Visualise the breath moving through your whole body. It may help to give it a colour. See your breath fill up all of the space inside your body, and absorbing any negative energy that is hiding within. Spend 10 minutes thoroughly cleansing your body with your breath.

Asking For Support

Ask your guardian angels and spirit guides to help you to release anything that blocks your spiritual connection with the Divine. Ask for guidance to support you in your spiritual cleansing process. Be open to receiving the help and blessings in whatever way they may appear. Feel your heart begin to open wide and become expansive and full of light. Sit in this feeling of bliss for as long as you like. Thank your spiritual support team for their continued help.

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