Olympic medallist Nick Dempsey leaves wife for fellow Team GB star

Olympic medallist Nick Dempsey leaves wife for fellow Team GB starScandal has erupted amongst Team GB after it emerged that London 2012 silver medallist Nick Dempsey has left his wife and is reportedly dating the woman who replaced her in Team GB.

Sarah Ayton won a gold medal at the Olympics in Beijing and in Athens as part of Great Britain’s sailing team, but after becoming a parent to two children with Nick, they decided that Sarah would not compete in London 2012 and would instead look after the kids.

Nick went on to win a silver medal at the London 2012 Olympics whilst Sarah missed out on her chance, and it seems that this may have upset the couple as Nick reportedly moved out of their home four months after. Now, he has been spotted in bars and restaurants with the woman who took Sarah’s spot on Team GB’s sailing team: Hannah Mills.

Nick has already admitted that being a full-time dad does not appeal to him, and that Sarah is “far better” at looking after their children, but it does appear that he is not fully ready to commit to family life.

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Image Credit: HockeyholicAZ (flickr.com)

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