Using astrology to help plan your career

Using astrology to help plan your careerMany psychics will ask for your astrological star sign as part of a reading, signifying just how important a star sign is in shaping your characteristics, personality and inner self. Discussing your star sign during a psychic reading focused on your career can be especially useful, given that certain jobs can be suited to some people better than others, based on their characteristics.

Virgo – enjoys jobs that involve research and planning so would do well as an events organiser.

Scorpio – likes secrets and piecing puzzles together, skills that journalists excel in.

Sagittarius – enjoys travelling so would get plenty of job satisfaction from being a pilot.

Capricorn – incredibly organised, perfectly suited to managerial work.

Aquarius – very good at science so would excel at being a doctor.

Pisces – good at resolving issues and could make good use of their calming attitude as a teacher.

Libra – creativity is their best skill, a career as a musician would be fulfilling.

Cancer – very caring people and would naturally lean towards careers in counselling.

Aries – natural leaders; the world of business immediately beckons.

Taurus – best suited to horticulture and farming, so floristry would be an ideal path to follow.

Gemini – superb communicators who could use their skills to be a top salesperson.

Leo – likes to be in the spotlight, so has the perfect attitude to be an actor.


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