Planets align auspiciously with Egyptian pyramids

planetary alignment in Egypt

A planetary alignment which happened this morning in Egypt has been watched by people all across the world, and the psychic energy from an alignment as impressive as this has meant that there has never been a better time to take a love psychic reading.

The momentous occasion involved Mercury, Venus and Saturn appearing inline with each other above the famous Giza pyramids in Egypt, something that last happened 2,737 years ago. The alignment was one hour before sunrise in Egypt, around 6.30am local time, which is 4.30am in the UK.

Planetary alignments of this kind are incredibly rare, and the linking of this alignment with the pyramids, long thought of as ancient buildings with a certain degree of mystery, is a particularly auspicious occasion. The strong psychic energies that will be produced because of this alignment mean that psychics, mediums and clairvoyants across the world will find that their abilities are significantly strengthened, making now a great time to find answers to the questions you have.

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