Pyromancy For Bonfire Night

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The 5th of November is commonly associated with Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder plot, and bonfire night. Many of the old historical significance of this event has now long been forgotten, in favour of modern firework display, celebrations and organised bonfire events. Pyromancy is the ancient art of divination, by means of fire, and is a tradition that has been reignited.

An Ancient Art

The art of interpreting flames is called Pyromancy, and it is thought to date back to the days when man first discovered fire. This early ancient form of divination is considered to be one of the 7 forbidden arts, and was originally performed using fire torches. Diviners or pyromanchers would study the vibrant, hot flames and predict disasters, sickness, death, and good and bad omens.

Flaming Variations

There is far more to Pyromancy that simply striking a match and gazing into the fiery flickering flames. To make fire reading even more sizzling and exciting there are a number of different variations:


Also known as Andromancy, this ancient form of fire divination involves casting salt into the fire. The salt causes a reaction as it burns and this is what is ‘read’.


Tree branches or herbs are burnt in the fire, and the diviner interprets the smoke and the flames.



Predictions are made by looking at the movement, direction, smell and consistency of the smoke that bellows from a fire.


Instead of burning tree branches, laurel leaves are used instead.


This method involves creating flickering flames with the body.

How To Practice Pyromancy

Pyromancy involves gazing directly into the fire or flames, in order to identify any shapes, visions, forms or patterns that you can see. The way in which the fire or flames flicker also needs to be taken into consideration. As too, the height and colour of the flames, the amount of smoke, the smell, the rise and fall of the fire, and any sounds that can be heard.

Bonfire night provides a great opportunity to practice Pyromancy, without having to resort to using a fireplace or candles. A proper roaring fire, under the stars, presents the perfect prediction casting scenario. Get the bonfire started whilst you ponder over some questions to ask.

One traditional ancient pyromancer technique involves sitting in a relaxed meditative state, in front of a fire that has died down to glowing coals. When ready a handful of salt is scatter over the glowing coals. Once the flames and the crackling have died down, you can gaze into the fire to interpret the shapes, patterns and images that you can see in the glowing coals.

You may see one or many visions in the fire. Sometimes one form stands out as more significant than others. Shapes and forms are usually interpreted according to traditional meanings. The image of a fountain signifies good fortune, but flowers warn of future disappointment.

If you decide to try Pyromancy make sure you stay safe and pay attention to the fire, and to the people and pets that are around you.

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