What’s Your Spiritual Resolution?

As Christmas and the New Year approaches it is once again time to turn your attention to resolutions. Giving up unhealthy habits in the hope of making some improvements is a challenge that very few people maintain for any great length of time. This year make it your spiritual resolution to change your perspective and to welcome new habits that increase positivity in your life.

What Is A Spiritual Resolution?

Good spiritual health is beneficial to all and can bring a sense of inner peace and comfort. Most people live imbalanced lives and make little or no progress in achieving their full potential. Spiritual resolutions allow you to accept your divine qualities and uniqueness and encourage your exploration of opportunities.

As with normal everyday resolutions, spiritual resolutions require a certain amount of self-discipline, focus and determination. The upside is that you do not have to beat yourself up just because you gave in to cake or cigarette cravings three days into 2016!

Spiritual resolutions require a little bit of effort every day. You do not have to give anything up, and you are not expected to undertake major changes all at once. Spirituality is about appreciating life in the moment and aiming for a better version of You.

Spiritual Resolution Choices

  • Mediate Regularly

It is good practice to get into the habit of reflecting on the day ahead, every morning. Five minutes of meditation instantly calms the mind and balances your equilibrium. Once you begin a regular meditation routine you are likely to find that you look for perfect 5-minute moments to meditate throughout your day.

  • Pray Often

Many people only turn to prayer in times of personal crisis or emergency. Spiritual prayer takes many forms and can be spoken aloud or said silently anywhere at anytime. Spiritual prayer is more about giving gratitude and thanks than worshipping a particular God. Giving daily thanks for your home, job, food, family and friends will alter your perspective and increase your self-awareness and awareness of humanity.

  • Read More

Reading broadens the mind and opens up the imagination. Whether you are reading a tale of mystery or adventure or delving into the biographical details of a popular celebrity makes no difference. Reading a wide variety of reading material is essential if you want to maintain an open mind. Mix inspiring spiritual reading matter with popular best-selling titles for a fully rounded educational experience.

  • Practice What You Preach

If you consider yourself to be a spiritual person practice what you preach by being kind, generous, accepting and open to others at all times – not just when it suits you.

  • Do Good Deeds

Helping others helps you to connect with your spirit and rewards you with the gift of receiving. When you assist someone in need, without expecting anything in return, you come to understand the true meaning of spirituality. Help those less fortunate than you in your community and be open to extending your offer whenever it is genuinely required.
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