Royal baby numerology & astrology

Prince George Alexander Louis

The world rejoiced for the safe arrival of baby Prince George to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, born 4:24pm Monday 22nd June 2013, weighing a healthy 8lbs 6oz at St Mary’s Hospital in West London.  Using astrology and numerology we can catch a glimpse at what he is written in the stars for the future King’s destiny…


People born on this day will learn to see the world from the perspective of others and not just their own view, as they learn a great deal about empathy during their life path.  Perhaps Prince George will become as prolifically involved with charity work as the late Princess Diana was, honouring his ancestor’s memories, and promoting awareness for good causes.

People born on this day tend to be intellectual, philosophical, and intuitive. Provided the young Prince learns how to balance their imagination with realism, he will be able to make his own choices, and trust his judgement when it comes to assessing people and situations.   Destiny will see that baby George will use his creativity, sensitivity and enthusiasm for life to bring happiness to those around him and to the world at large.

In astrology, Prince George’s birthdate falls under the fourth zodiac sign of Water, Cancer.  The traits of the Crab are individuals who are creative and sensitive with strong emotional connections.  Ruled by the Moon, Cancerians are in touch with their intuition, although if upset they can become moody and aloof, hiding their feelings like a crab disappearing into its shell.

However, the young Royal’s birthdate is also influenced by the fifth zodiac sign of Leo, as 22nd of June is the “cusp” of this Fire sign.  Leo’s are known for being brave, courageous and full of activity. The Sun will have influence as young George will be blessed with a bright and charismatic public profile.

Best wishes to baby George and new parents William and Kate, and congratulations to the  families during the happy and magical time!


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