Spencer Matthews’ new lady brands his ex “cuckoo”

Spencer Matthews new lady brands his ex cuckooThe drama on hit reality show Made in Chelsea continues to escalate as Spencer Matthews’ new love has branded his ex-girlfriend Louise Thompson as “cuckoo”.

Lucy Watson, 22, is now dating the love-rat, who broke up with Louise Thompson in April after he repeatedly cheated on her. Spencer even went so far as to sleep with another girl in Louise’s very own bed, and then lied to her about it.

Lucy appears to know what she is getting into though, and has said that he is “quite honest” in general and only lied to Louise when he had done “something wrong”. She also said that Louise had a “crazy side” and suggested that they both may have brought out the worst in each other.

Lucy has said that she would “cut contact” if Spencer were to treat her in any way like he did Louise, but it is still early days for the couple.

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Image Credit: ornello_pics (flickr.com)

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