Spiritual healing or psychic healing has existed for centuries it is found in almost every culture throughout history.

Most type of spiritual healing involves energy both inside and outside the body. The purpose of all techniques is to cleanse and clear the bodies’ life force of all negative obstructions, so that the mind body and soul can be in harmony.
Spiritual healers see this as the only true path to whole health.
One of the benefits of spiritual healing is to enable total healing not just curing the symptoms. If a person’s mind body and spirit can be made to work properly together the person will then start to heal.
Spiritual healers believe that all disorders be it bodily, psychological or emotional begins in the mind.
Healthcare practitioners are starting to appreciate the benefits of mixing spiritual aspect into patients care. It works very well for mental health patients also patients with cancer and cardiac Patients.
Spiritual healing is the restoration of the wholeness or wellness to one’s experience some people think that ” Spiritual Healing” is prayers and faith but the true meaning of Spiritual Healing involves healing ourselves in Mind, body and spirit through understanding and evolution. We do this through expanding our own spiritual awareness and consciousness and with help from spirit realms.

There are any variations of spiritual healings, Faith healers, laying on of the hands, Reiki, Healing
The hands Reiki, Healing Touch, Shamanic Healing. Polarity therapy and many more
All healing energy comes from the same source can be known by different names an example of a few are God, the great spirit the universal energy whatever resonates with the persons belief system.
Spiritual Healing is not something that should be seen as a substitute for traditional treatment and medicine but as complimentary. It is something that can support an individual on many levels and it has been shown to have a very powerful and beneficial effect on the journey back to wholeness.

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