Spells to return Lost Love

I have truly lost track of the number of people over the years who have asked me to perform a spell to return a lost lover to them. I also know that this is one of the subjects most researched on the internet. So I hope this article offers you an insight into the subject.

Can it be done? The Short answer is Yes. But firstly we must explore the subject of “Spells” in a bit more detail. Most of you have probably heard of Black or White Magic. White Magic is always performed to bring harmony, lightness and happiness to a situation. For instance, if someone has lost a treasured item such as a piece of Jewellery, White Magic can help to reunite it safely.  Whereas on the other hand, Black Magic can be performed to withhold the item and bring nothing but bad luck to those that wear it in the future.

So there are opposite ends of the Spectrum when talking about Spells. Spells go back to when time first began. My extensive knowledge of Invoking Spells has been passed from generation to generation. Spells performed in the right hands are very powerful and potent and yes they do work very fast, which is why you must always be very careful. It is never a good idea to dabble in something that you do not fully understand. Performing Spells takes years and years of practice and teaching.

White Magic can be used to open up the eyes of the Lovers and make them see what may be eluding them. For instance, if the break up was under difficult circumstances and both parties said some heat of the moment words, which they now regret and wish they could take back. White Magic can be used to soothe and heal  the situation, and soften the heart of both parties to let them see past the difficulties, arguments and upsets, and approach the situation again without anger.  It can be used to return the Lovers to a time when they first met and were happy. It can be used to bring both parties together to focus on what they had and talk. This is often the only  step  needed which reunites lost lovers. If one of the parties does not want to reunite then no amount of White Magic can force them to do so against their free will. White Magic is at all times performed for the good of everyone and used only  for the purpose of healing and love.   Its mantra is “Do No Harm to Anyone”.  White Magic cannot be used to compel anyone to do anything against their own free will.

Black Magic on the other hand, is an altogether different ball game.  People ask me is Black Magic more powerful?  I do not believe that Black Magic is more powerful than White Magic, as I truly believe in all matters “Good Will always Triumph over Evil”.  However, the devastation that Black Magic can cause almost certainly leaves a trail of powerful destruction in its wake. Black Magic could be used to compel someone to do something against their own free will and in part Black Magic could be used to return a Lost Lover. However,  you should be warned that acting against someone’s free will is never a good idea.  Think about it,  would you really want someone to be with you, who was only staying because they had to? There would be no happiness or love in that. They would end up despising and hating you.

For a spell to continue working against someone’s free will it would require untold energy to be put into it leaving the spell caster continually drained and depleted. Black Magic requires a huge level of black source energy. The spell would therefore wear off pretty soon as the person who the spell had been put upon would find that their free will would gain ground and fight back, and as the spell caster would need to deploy more and more black energy, until very shortly they were completely depleted.  When this happens the spell would stop working and the Lover would leave almost immediately never to return. The Lover would despise you even more. So Black Magic is never the way forward in returning a lost lover.  Black Magic can ultimately in the end always bring pain and hurt to all those that dabble in it.

Spells most certainly can be used to bring love and harmony back to a situation and to reunite lovers back together again to sort out their differences in a kind and loving manner. White Magic can never be used to harm anyone. If you would like to know more about this subject – and how to bring a lost love back, then please note I offer email readings via the website and you can request one anytime and I will be happy to help you.

Request an email reading from me anytime day or night – Susie – Agent  Number 0175. 

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