Thanksgiving – The Spiritual Practice Of Gratitude

Gratitude puts everything into fresh perspective. The attitude of gratitude enables us to identify and acknowledge the many blessings all around us. The more ways we find to give thanks, the greater the amount of things that we find to be grateful for.

Thanks giving holiday card

Being grateful and giving thanks takes practice. The more it is done, the easier and more frequent it becomes. November is the perfect time to adopt a more active attitude towards giving thanks. As we celebrate Thanksgiving, and prepare for the season of gift giving, we can incorporate a daily practice of giving thanks and extending our personal boundaries of gratitude.

Throughout the month ahead make time for the spiritual practice of gratitude:

Week 1: Nov 1 (All Saints Day) – Nov 7   

Start your spiritual practice of gratitude, on All Saints Day, by giving thanks for all of the wonderful friends and supportive family around you. Call someone you haven’t spoke to for a while and enjoy the shared experience of reconnection. Make an effort to be more openly appreciative towards the people you love, and to those who could do with a little more love in their lives.

Go for a meditative walk around your home and give thanks for the experiences you have had in each room. Reflect on positive and negative experiences so that you can fully appreciate all that you have.

Week 2: Nov 8 – Nov 14

Express your gratitude for your health, vitality and your body. You can treat yourself with pampering products or simply practice some relaxing and invigorating self-massage techniques. Giving your feet a pedicure and massage treatment in thanks for all the hard work that they do.

Convey your feelings of gratitude to your pet, to show how grateful you are to have their companionship in your life.

Week 3: Nov 15 – Nov 21

In a journal or diary record your feelings of gratitude for people, living or deceased, who have helped and supported you and who have lifted your spirits in the past. Writing your feelings down is a good way to open up your emotions and to explore how you really feel about someone. Let the words flow freely.

In gratitude for their help and friendship give thanks to a neighbour by providing a service, running an errand or doing a chore. Elderly neighbours living alone may also be grateful for your companionship at this time.

Week 4: Nov 22 – Nov 30

Acknowledge the many blessings you regularly enjoy in your own local community. Give thanks for the services you receive by volunteering your time and giving your support to a local charity, or by making a donation.

Nov. 27: (Thanksgiving Day) If you are celebrating Thanksgiving day, by sharing a meal with family and friends, take the time to think about the people you have invited and identify one special quality that you admire about each person. Give thanks for the food and the companionship, and for the presence of Divine spirit.

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