The Aura

Strengthening the aura  What is the Aura?

The Aura can be described as an atmosphere of universal energy that surrounds the physical body; the physical body can be seen as the densest level of the aura. A person’s Aura is believed to be oval-shaped, extending about 3 feet from their physical body and contains several layers.
Crystal healing mainly focuses on the first three auric layers within the physical plane.

The Aura is a spiritual energy that interpenetrates and surrounds the physical body. The Aura can be sensed by others; if someone is described as having a magnetic personality, or if a colleague gives you the “cold shoulder”, or when we know someone we care for is upset even if they say they’re alright or if someone is filled with infectious enthusiasm or contagious excitement.

The Aura is like an energy reflection of our physical and emotional feelings. The model of the Aura provides crystals healers with a guide for giving holistic healing to their client when balancing the physical and metaphysical energies. Dowsing the etheric layer with a pendulum is one method of scanning the physical body for indicators of where a crystal might be particularly beneficial, and combing the Aura with an amethyst cluster can soothe knots of energy.

Traumatic experiences, over-whelming emotions, stressful life events, unhealthy relationships, negative environments, and physical sickness or injury can all have an adverse affect on the Aura. Pharmaceutical medication and intoxicating substances (such as alcohol or illegal drugs) can also effect a person’s Auric field.

Strengthening the Aura

The best way to strengthen the aura is by doing things that make you feel revitalised, by taking part in activities that allow you to be true to your Higher Self. Gardening, caring for animals and taking nature walks are excellent ways to get in touch with the energies of the Earth. Creative arts and music are also good for soul nourishment and expression. Maintaining good physical health with balanced meals and regular exercise (such as dance or yoga) is essential to looking after your wellbeing. Meditating with crystals or Tarot cards, visualisation and breathing exercises are other ways of caring for your aura.

Protecting the Aura

There are different ways to protect the Aura if we feel vulnerable. One method is to call upon the universal forces for protection by saying the Spirit Light Invocation. Body language can be used- folding your arms across your chest is widely recognised as being defensive, and spiritual or religious symbology can be used (such as banishing pentagram from Pagan traditions, sign of the Cross in Catholicism and Christianity, or Mudras in Hinduism and Buddhism). Visualisations are another simple and effective means of protection (such as imagining being surrounded by a bubble or shell, force field, reflective mirror, wearing armouring, guardian angel, etc). Some crystals have high protective vibrations such as Black Tourmaline, Obsidian, Amber (aids immunity), or Sunstone (clears negative thought forms).

Cleansing the Aura

There are a variety of ways to recharge and revitalise the Aura. Saying the Spirit Light invocation and asking spirit to clear energy field is a simple method. Detoxing the physical body with a natural diet is a way to cleanse deeply. Walking in the sunlight or moonlight can feel rejuvenating. Visualisations based around natural water sources (like waterfalls or rivers) is an effective cleanser, as is bathing and drinking water. Incense or smudge sticks can also help cleanse the aura. Smoky quartz and Labradorite crystals are particularly effective cleansing stones to use in healing.


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