What is clairvoyancy?

What is clairvoyancyBeing a clairvoyant has a certain air of mystery about it, particularly when thinking of the experiences of having an online tarot reading from a clairvoyant. These people are gifted, but a certain amount of mystery surrounding what they do can be made clearer.

Clairvoyant simply means ‘clear-seeing’, a term given to people who have the psychic ability to see things that not all of us can. We all experience moments of clear sight, for instance when we experience déjà  vu or wake up from a dream knowing that it has some deeper significance and clairvoyants have carefully honed these skills.

One of the skills that clairvoyants are particularly good at is the art of psychometry, whereby the psychic holds an object that was recently held by a person and discerns certain information about that person. The intuition of a clairvoyant is also particularly strong and they will often feel strong feelings when they first meet people, particularly when someone comes to them for a psychic reading.


Image Credit: Ally Aubry (flickr.com)

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